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1:1 Services

Overcome Your Food Addiction 

What I Help Clients With:

Weight Loss

Once you learn how to get free from food addiction, the extra weight just comes off almost effortlessly!

Binge Eating

Learn how to deal with unwanted emotions instead of bingeing on food to numb out. 

Stop Dieting

Stop the insanity of yo-yo dieting and finally make peace with food. Diets never work for the long term. 


Imagine no longer feeling compelled to dive head first into a bag of Oreos or a pint of ice cream.

Food Obsession

It’s time to stop obsessing over food! There's so much non - food fun to be had in your life.


It took me 45 years to trust myself with food. Using "Tricks to Make it Stick" it should take you less than 4 weeks!

The Menu of Services

(Offered above in the Program Options)

Jumpstart Session

60 minute private onboarding call with me to get you started. I'll answer your questions, discuss your goals, and create your exact roadmap to freedom.

Food History Survey

An intake questionnaire to evaluate your current relationship with food, so we can create your personalized path to a happy and healthy relationship with food!

Daily Cheat Sheet

A daily journal with prompts for you to measure your progress on the program. It includes a daily tally so you can see how you are doing from day to day.

Program Action Plan

An easy to use summary of all the elements of the Finally Free from Food Addiction Program so you know exactly what to do each day for success. 

1:1 Freedom Calls

30 minute ongoing Freedom Calls with Julie for support and accountability, to keep you on track. These calls will make your success inevitable.

Emotional Eating Exit Strategy

What's eating you that's making you want to turn to food? Breaking the connection between your emotions and food is crucial to becoming free from food addiction for good.

Stop Binge Eating eBook

Stop Binge Eating and Start Living Again provides the exact step-by-step roadmap to overcome compulsive, emotional and binge eating for good.

Voxer Private Support

Voxer is a free walkie-talkie type of app where we can exchange text and voice messages on a daily basis for added support and accountability.

Trigger Food Tracker

Track your progress as you learn to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation. This exemplifies the no-diet approach. There are no foods off limits.

4 Week Fast Track

What's included:

  • 60 minute Jumpstart Session

  • Stop Binge Eating eBook

  • Program Action Plan

  • Four weeks of Voxer Private Support (5 days per week)

(See Menu below for description of services)

Whole Enchilada
6 Week Intensive

What's included:

  • 60 minute Jumpstart Session

  • Stop Binge Eating eBook

  • Program Action Plan

  • Six weeks of Voxer Private Support (7 days per week)

  • Six 30 minute 1:1 Freedom Calls

  • Food History Survey

  • PEAK Upgrade

    • Daily Cheat Sheet

    • Emotional Eating Exit Strategy

    • Trigger Food Tracker

(See Menu below for description of services)

There are 2 program options to choose from -- a 4 Week Fast Track or a 6 Week Intensive -- based on your budget and the amount of support/accountability that suits your needs.

Both programs kick off with a 60 minute, personalized 1:1 Jumpstart session, going deep into your current relationship with food. Learn exactly what you can do immediately to begin feeling more in control of your eating.

The very next day, we will begin our daily support and accountability coaching. To do this, you will share your wins and your challenges with me in real time through the private Voxer app.


The 6 week program is for you if you want to end emotional eating by taking advantage of weekly 1:1 coaching calls with me and having access to additional tools.

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Flexible Program Optons

Program Options

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