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Eating to Live instead of Living to Eat.

Are you ready to stop the insanity of yo-yo dieting and food obsession?

Does this sound like you?

  • You binge eat while you binge watch Netflix because you’re triggered emotionally by someone or something 

  • You catch yourself reaching for a bag of chips on the 2nd day of your new diet

  • You find yourself thinking about food all the time

  • You hide and sneak food from your friends and family because you don’t want them to know how much you really eat

  • You feel like you’ve tried every diet out there and nothing works for the long term

  • You are always either eating huge amounts of your trigger foods uncontrollably or you’re staying away from them completely because you don’t trust yourself with them

After decades of suffering with Binge Eating Disorder, I figured out exactly how to get free from food addiction, and I want you to know how too!

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Get Your Free eBook

and start changing your relationship with food NOW!

Interrupt your compulsive, emotional or binge eating behaviors.


Become a Peaceful Eater and:

  • Live in a body you feel great in.

  • Wear whatever you want instead of just whatever fits.

  • Have the energy to play, run, go and do all the things that you enjoy in life.

  • Eat whatever you want in moderation, even if you've never been able to do that before.

  • Stop worrying about disease because you will now nourish your body in ways to keep it at optimal health. Improve your bloodwork results.

  • Stop sneaking around to hide food and wrappers from your family…what a relief!

  • Make peace with food and get the body you've always wanted.

I get it.

I was obsessed with and controlled by food for 45 years, living the secretive life of a food addict and a binge eater.


That all changed in 2010 when I figured out how to finally become free from food addiction for good!

My Transformation



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"I was a compulsive and emotional binge eater, addicted to carbs and sweets, at my heaviest weight ever"

"Now I am at my goal weight and in the best shape of my life"

What Clients Say

I've now had a pint of non dairy frozen dessert in my freezer for over a week...normally I would eat 1-2 pints a day!
I'm never deprived and have learned how to eat my favorite foods in moderation. This is a first for me!
Cathy M.
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For many years, I woke up every day hoping to finally break free from the cycle of dieting and binge eating. However, it wasn't until 2010 that I hit rock bottom and experienced a powerful mindset shift.

I realized I needed to change my approach and become a person who has control over their eating habits. I knew that if I could achieve this, I would be able to lose weight and maintain it.


The journey was not easy, as binge eating and dieting were all I knew. But with patience and determination, I asked myself questions to shift my mindset towards a peaceful relationship with food.


To my surprise, I figured out how to completely change my relationship with food and it was much easier than I thought.

I created a 4-step process that anyone can follow to overcome compulsive, emotional, or binge eating. Through this process, I lost 90 pounds, reached my goal weight, and have kept it off.  Now I eat to live, not live to eat.

I want to help you achieve the same.


You're not alone in this struggle. I would love to help you reach your goal weight and gain freedom from food addiction so you can fully enjoy life.

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